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"Marlie provides a safe, non-judgmental space where she gently encourages you to meet your goals through mindfulness, self-reflection, and self-care. She is intuitive and a fantastic listener, sometimes even hearing things that I don’t say, but feel, and helps bring those feelings to the fore so we can examine them together. Her knowledge of health and wellness is deep and ever-evolving as she constantly reads and learns more. Marlie can tell you as much (or as little!) as you want to know about anything from nutrition to exercise physiology. She is generous with her time and knowledge, and truly wants you to succeed in becoming the healthiest, happiest “you” that you can be. Becoming her client was the best thing I have done for my health in years.” 

~ Lori D. 

"Marlie's positive attitude and ability not just to coach, but really listen and adapt to her client's needs is what makes her so great. She always works hard to make sure you're comfortable with the process at all times. I'm not easy to deal with, but she managed to tailor a program that exceeded my very high expectations and together we got real results.” 

~ Dan M. 


"Working with Marlie has been a very positive experience for me. Marlie gives you insight on habits you didn't know you had. After only one session I came to realize I was inhaling my food without chewing it. I was doing things unconsciously without even knowing it. Marlie has the gift of communication and is very good at helping you articulate your feelings and emotions. She is passionate about health and wellness and has a lot of knowledge to share. I enjoyed having a safe place to be heard, and she gave me the direction I needed."

~ Monique A.

"I had a chance to get to know Marlie earlier this year and since then I have felt so lucky. I got to know a wonderful person, who provided me with constant support, and who really listened.  Marlie's knowledge in general health and lifestyle is great for helping those wishing to discover what best fits them and their lifestyle. I believe Marlie is a Health Coach with a bonus!  She has experience having been a former psychotherapist for a decade, and thanks to her background she can bring you to the next level. Marlie's passion and enthusiasm for health and wellness will can guide you to achieve your ultimate health goals, resulting in perminant habit change for life."

~ Annalisa Brizzante

"I came to know Marlie in a TRX class we both attended a few years back. I soon came to realize that not only was she passionate about fitness and exercise but knowledgeable about diet and life-style.

I signed up with Marlie to improve my over-all health and address sleep issues and occasional low energy. I learned a great deal about the mind-body connection and Marlie made the process of breaking some bad habits I had formed over the years seamless. I learned new habits that were much more aligned with my health goals and I truly enjoyed working with her over the 90 days. My energy and sleep improved both during and after our work together.  I am eager and excited to try out her 14-day reset program and I have no doubt it will be success. Marlie’s background as a former therapist makes her acutely aware of any mental roadblocks and I highly recommend her! if you are looking for that extra support from health coach she is it!”

William R. Hanley

"Marlie is a trusted, compassionate and a passionate advisor in what she does.  I’ve met Marlie a very short time ago and her approach to healthy living and being has convinced me that I needed to be part of her program!   Marlie lives and breathes her teachings literally and figuratively.  She walks the walk and talk to the talk. I signed up with Marlie’s detox program soon after I’ve seen tremendous improvements in my energy levels.  Apart from having a warm and caring personality, her approach to health is very clear and regimented which I needed desparetely.  She also understands her clients’ specific needs and provides them with a holistic view.  I enjoyed working with Marlie and will come back for more for her advice and guidance as I saw immediate results. I would highly recommend her services to my friends and family without any reservations!  Thanks Marlie for what you do!"

~ Zumra Maner

"I had a pleasure working with Marlie after signing up for her 90-day program. I really appreciated that aside from providing tools to develop healthy habits with food and exercise, the program contained elements to help one become a happier invididual with a healthier and brighter outlook on life. My initial issue was low energy and Marlie has helped me to resolve it by employing several techniques. 
Another great part is that Marlie does not overwhelm you with unnecessary information and presents very clear and practical suggestions within a very thoughtful and efficient program structure.
I really enjoyed our 1-hour sessions that always made my following days go smoother.  
If you would like to develop a healthier lifestye, improve your energy levels and improve your mood, I highly recommend her 90-day program."

~ Gene H.

"I signed up for Marlie's 90 day program. Within the first couple of weeks I started noticing a difference in my energy level. Hormone imbalance was one of my main problems and she guided me on how to allow my body to naturally heal by eating the right foods. Marlie's approach is sustainable and  life-giving as she understands the unexpected changes of life and how that can affect our habits, she meets you where you are without judgment. She helped me to become more in-tune with my body so that I would recognize the foods that were affecting me. Marlie isn't a micro-manager. It is clear that she wants you to truly be successful on your health journey long-term. She is kind, positive, knowledgeable and truly cares about her clients. She gently guided me to discover the root cause of my unhealthy habits and encouraged me every step of the way. I did lose some weight and saw drastic improvement in my overall health. However the real treasure was in the change of perspective that took place in my mind and soul toward my own body, and toward my health and fitness. I'm forever grateful!"

Ximena A.

"Working with Marlie has been wonderful. She is patient, flexible, a great listener and her positivity and calm demeanor have had such a welcome addition to my weekly routine. I really appreciated her individualized and holistic approach to my well-being and always felt supported. Her own health and well-being practices are very inspiring, and her dedication to her craft makes her approach so unique. After each of my sessions with her, I always learned something new, and I feel more grounded with myself. I am very lucky to have had the experience of working with Marlie!" 

~ Amanda Young

"Marlie is a passionate, intuitive and extremely skilled coach. She clearly loves what she does and her breadth of knowledge and expertise in all things health related from nutrition to fitness to sleep is nothing short of impressive. I guarantee she can answer any questions you have, from what kind of exercise best suits your body type and goals to explaining the nutritional value of any food you may be wondering about. Whatever your health questions, Marlie can answer them. And it's because of this vast range of knowledge that she is able to coach people with a wide variety of needs.


For me, I am an entrepreneur that works many long hours and while I consider myself fairly healthy, it is not unusual for me to skip a meal, bypass a workout or sleep less than is optimal. That is why I began Marlie's 90 day program with the goals of: a better work/life balance; increased energy; and more regularity and routine to my eating, sleeping and exercise. 


I am just past halfway in the program now and I can truly say it's made a huge impact on my day to day. Not only am I sleeping regular hours, but the quality of my sleep has also improved. I am exercising regularly, prioritizing this time in my schedule. Lastly, Marlie has helped me improve not only what I'm eating, but how I'm eating. All of these things have not only enhanced my energy, but also my overall happiness! And I'm only halfway, so I look forward to seeing what's next!"

 ~ Courtney Y.

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Life Coach Marlie Wiley
Life Coach Marlie Wiley
Life Coach Marlie Wiley
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