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About Marlie

Certified Lifestyle Coach Marlie Wiley


Weight Loss

Weight Resistance/Management


Stress Reduction

Other Disciplines


Infertility OR Drug Free Infertility
Emotional Eating
Hormonal Imbalances (Women&Men)
Heart Disease
Brain and Mood Health
Adrenal Health
Thyroid Health
Autoimmune Conditions

Hello, I'm Marlie Wiley


I help smart busy men and women achieve their ultimate health goals, by teaching them how to be ACCOUNTABLE, MOTIVATED and CONSISTENT when it comes to their health goals.


This is where true TOTAL BODY TRANSFORMATION begins

I can help YOU figure out which foods are most fat burning and energizing for your body along with lifestyle choices that are maintainable and sustainable for the long run.

In my experience, breakthroughs are often the result of challenging old ways of thinking, combined with incremental gains. 


My professional background in psychology and culinary arts, combined with my personal interests in nutrition and fitness, compliment my work as a coach.

My personal background is unique. I grew up in Latin America. I was born in Brazil and spent my formative years in Peru and Mexico City. Being a daughter of a former diplomat and living abroad has made me particularly sensitive and attuned to people's life experiences, regardless of where you came from. This experience led me to become a therapist for 10 years, however, something was still missing for me. 


A common theme expressed by my clients was eagerness to lose weight and improve their energy and health, and how this played a huge role in their ability to cope with depression and anxiety. I came to realize that habit change was the most challenging aspect for my clients (habits can be hard to break!) 


For years I prided myself into thinking I was healthy and ignored my body's signals, but that could only last so long. After my first session with a naturopathic doctor, I learned I was consuming foods that were inflaming my body, not drinking nearly enough water, was suffering from malabsorption issues, dependent on coffee for sustained energy, and was completely addicted to sugar. My hormones were out of whack too, not to mention extremely stressed out. 


Certified Lifestyle Coach Marlie Wiley

The changes I made significantly, if not completely, abolished my current hormonal and digestive symptoms. Finally it all clicked for me. What was missing in my life was this inevitable journey of becoming a accountability coach with an emphasis on health and wellness. 


Getting that accountability factor and extra stretch and support from a coach is paramount for making long lasting changes in your lifestyle and overall outlook on life. I am now 46 and feel younger and more energized then I ever did in my 20’s or 30’s, and I am excited to help others reach the very best versions of the themselves!


Certified Health and Wellness Coach Health Coach Institute (HCI)

M.A. in Counseling Psychology University of San Francisco (USF) 

Associate in Science Culinary Arts City College of San Francisco (CCSF)

B.A. University of San Francisco (USF) 

NASM Certified PT


Bilingual in English and Spanish


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